Bgirls Do It Better IV

The 4th edition of Bgirls Do It Better in 2017 will also be focused on dancing in the form of jamming and cyphers, combined with getting to know each other. We will have our own GOR DJs to provide the music. This time we present you two cypher based categories!
Cypher Queen 7 to smoke: During the jam we pick eight bgirls that represent best in the cyphers. The chosen eight “Cypher Queens” will then compete in the 7 to smoke battle.
Bonnie & Clyde on the spot: All the bgirls that enter the jam will receive a Bgirls Do It Better sticker at the entrance. With the sticker they will have to mark the bboy they want to battle with – keep their eyes open in the cyphers and look for the perfect bboy to become her battle pair. When a bgirl finds the adequate bboy, she must hurry and slap that sticker on him as fast as possible, so everybody else knows he’s “taken”. This pair will then compete together in the Bonnie & Clyde 2 vs 2 battle!
Bgirl Gosia (Raw Bgirls Crew, Poland)
Bboy Fuego (Monstribe/Mighty Zulu Kingz, Bulgaria)
Bgirl Loca (Southeast Crew, China/Switzerland)
Bboy Kranskee (Flow From Below, Slovenia)
Bgirl Tamala (RPS/Flow From Below, Slovenia)