ROYAL TRIP - A History of Graff

It is a video report that shows the process of 5 walls along more than 3000 kilometers driven from Madrid to Orpund (Switzerland) where the festival Hip Hop International, Royal Arena leads.
To reach their goal, the spanish writers, Alber & Ysen, stopped in different cities along the trip: Barcelona, Montpellier Lyon and finally Biel.
On this trip, they have been working with different writers of these various cities as Hemone and Ses in Barcelona, Twone in Monpellier, Peack in Lyon and in Biel with two other spanish writers, Barok and Zippo from Zaragoza.

Modus Operandi: A Look Into Melbourne's Urban Exploring Scene

Modus Operandi is a documentary film that discusses the issues surrounding the rapid increase of the urban exploration subculture seen throughout Melbourne.

Four different urban explorers share their opinions on what defines urban exploration as a cultural movement in Melbourne.